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This is a smaller single channel pedal based on our
Aurora (Soft) and Kilimanjaro (Hard) pedals
with an additional Amp setting that works as a boost.

This pedal may be based on our other pedals but it has sounds and a feel all its own
with a huge range of tones and gain.

If you need Big Flexibility, Big Tone and small size then Sequoia is your pedal.

Controls and Features:

Sets Gain / Distortion level.

Master volume for pedal work in tandem with Drive to set pedal output

Master Tone Control for Pedal is effected by Scoop, Flat, Fat, Switch

DIODE (up), LED (center), MOSFET (down) SWITCH (Right switch)
This is the flavor of distortion, each mode has a different level and flavor of distortion working between the drive pots
and switches a wide range of sounds and be achieved

Changes the EQ style of pedal works in tandem with the Tone Knob to fit tone to
your guitar and amp

HARD – AMP – SOFT (Center switch)
Sets the style of OD (Soft) Hard (Distortion) or AMP (Boost)

9v DC via battery or power supply with pin Negative (Boss style)
If power is lost default is bypass

Full Bypass
All Metal Construction
Proudly Handmade Made in the USA

$140.00 USD MSRP
FREE shipping in continental US.
Contact us for other shipping options.
Thanks to Chris "That Video Guy " for the videos.
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