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Introducing the newest pedal from Tonal Insanity


If you are searching for a guitar tone it can be found here,
Find that sound in your head
The ultimate tone shaping tool for you guitar.
I like to call this the 3 Band DistorationGainParametricEQBoost Pedal

Controls and Features:

DRIVE ( Hi , Mid , Low )
Sets the amount of Drive in the Hi , Mid and Low frequencies giving you almost complete
complete control over the amount of distortion in you signal

Diode / OUT/AMP / Mosfet Switch
Pick your mode or feel of clipping on the Hi, Mid and Lows

Pick the amount to level on the Hi, Mid and Lows

In Boost
Works to set level and available distortion

Allows you to focus the pedals tone to your need by changing the center of the EQ curve

Out Level
Controls the master output of the pedal

How it works ( Really that's a secret )
All the pedal 9 Knobs and 3 switches work together to allow you to set the Gain, EQ,
Clipping and Level of your signal.
Want to drive just the Mids you can
Want to add low end you can
Treble Boost YES
Push your amp YES
Add some edge
Loose some edge
Different clipping on the Hi vs Mids vs Lows - Do it here

If you have always wanted to COMPLETELY custom tailor your sound this is your pedal
And don’t be fooled into thinking this pedal is too complicated for you to use
its easy to get great sounds in minutes but you can spend hours coming up with new tones.

$180.00 USD MSRP
FREE shipping in continental US.
Contact us for other shipping options.
Thanks to Chris "That Video Guy " for the videos.
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