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Introducing Tonal Insanity Guitar Effects!
Limited time reduced direct pricing!
NEW! Videos demos are now available for each pedal!
Our aim is to make the best sounding most versatile guitar effects.
We will not except muddy tone sucking effects.
We only want 100% Happy customers we offer a 30 day test drive.
If its not for you, return it for a refund or exchange for another pedal
( In good condition, you trash it you own it )

Dual Series
Aurora Borealis
Aurora Borealis
(Over Drive)
"Bright – Clear – Transparent"
Describes this pedal best, great for LEAD and Rhythm work can be used to add a taste of OD or push you sound to the next level
(Great with BASS also!)

"A Darker and More intense pedal"
"Touch sensitive, Great for Gain Stacking"
This pedal moves up the gain threshold with more output and a darker voice really shines with single coil and P-90 or to add extra girth to your Humbucker guitar

"Unique, Dark, Moody, Full"
"Words just can't describe this pedal"
With pots for Gain and Distortation this pedal is a tweaker delight anything from Blues to full out Fuzz is available here. When used with our other pedals or your amps gain or clean channels the possibility are almost endless.
Mini Series
Little Bighorn
Little Bighorn
(Matterhorn +)
"1/2 Matterhorn in 2 selectable styles"
If you need Big Tone and small size and a little something extra then Little Big Horn is your pedal.
(Aurora + Kili)
"Mash-up of Aurora Borealis and Kilimanjaro"
If you need Big Flexibility, Big Tone and small size then Sequoia is your pedal..
Sound Shaping
(Parametric Distortion)
"3 Band DistortionGainParametricEQBoost"
Our newest and most innovative pedal gives almost total control of your gain and tone needs
Thanks to Chris "That Video Guy " for the videos.
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